90 Day Bible & Catechism Devotion Challenge
A complete reading of the Bible and weekly meditation on Luther’s Small Catechism.
Around the Lamb
In the Midst of the Garden: The Divine Service is a Work of Mercy in the Ministry of Word and Sacrament 
An academic and biblical driven paper on the Divine Service. Awarded a winning essay by the Office of International Mission and the Office of National Mission of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod (2013).
grayscale photo of baby feet with father and mother hands in heart signs
The Implicit Justification of Abortion via Existential Philosophy
Abortion is justified if existence precedes essence (l’existence précède l’essence), fortunately, Jean-Paul Sartre was wrong.


abandoned architecture auschwitz auschwitz concentration camp
The Origins of Nazi Eugenics
A running definition of eugenics could be, a multi-faceted self-direction of human evolution that when adhered to will produce a rich, strong, and beautiful entity, harmonious in its very nature. History, however, tells a different story about men who desired perfection, gave their all to every detail, but lost compassion for those who by their own right had no say in their humanity. And still, these were placed into the hands of eugenists who thought they had the right to say and act on humanity’s behalf. (Page 14 begins the main arguments of the paper)