Abortion is Great

Not all that is great is good. … More Abortion is Great


The only unforgivable sin is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, that is, unbelief (Matthew 12:31-32). This of course is an old, antiquated superstition. We all know that the true unforgivable sin is belief in Christ. In typical fashion BuzzFeed took to the internetz to dump on Christianity. But, you know, their hard hitting journalism really … More Pastor-Phobia


It’s the day after U.S. elections and the country seems stunned. The divisive campaigns are over (for now) and much work is in store for President-Elect Trump and elected officials across the nation. Evident is the genuine relief or incomprehensible tension that exists in the aftermath of it all. The tie that binds us as … More American’t

Who Am I?

Does it ever seem that life is a whirlwind of constant change? One moment is fleeting unto the next? Do you ever wonder who you are or maybe who you are supposed to be? What’s my purpose in this inconsistent, always new, twisty (and problematic) world? If tv shows are our source for answers we’d … More Who Am I?

We the People…the Church?

The doctrine of the two governments, two kingdoms theology, has prevailed in Lutheran circles. The Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) and their Telly Award-Wining segment, “The Intersection of Church and State” has gained recognition specifically in regards to this doctrine. In recent years an intentional revisiting of the subject has taken place for Lutherans, and even non-Lutherans. The … More We the People…the Church?