Does God Love Transgender People?

Benjamin TransgenderTake a moment to read this article. It’s one of many covering the story of a boy in the picture whose Lutheran (ELCA) parents are encouraging their son to live as their daughter.

First, this is a story that doesn’t represent all Lutherans. The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) believes in the Biblical mandate of marriage between a man and a woman. Christ himself confirms this in Matthew 19. The Scriptures are clear, there are men and there are women but there are not men who are really women or women who are really men. In the same places where the Bible and Christ himself speak about marriage between complementary partners of the opposite sex there is often the statement which confirms the Church’s longstanding confession that God creates male and female. Nothing in God’s Word indicates that we can or should deliberate which sex we are or desire to identify ourselves.

Second, liking the color pink and “girly” things shouldn’t be a parent’s first indication that your child is transgender. Much like the suicidal notions of a child under the age of 10 isn’t the green light to blocking puberty. Consider some obvious case studies most of us know from experience or have heard about. I’ll present them rhetorically.

  • Is it advisable for the suicidal person to engage in drunkenness or drugs because they bring contentment?
  • Isn’t medical intervention supposed to attempt to make the body function as it should not as we self identify?
  • Do you wag your head at those who identify as Barbie or Ken and become them through plastic surgery, can you objectively separate one claim toward an identity from another with a clear statement of right or wrong?

I’m continually fascinated by people who with one side of their mouth profess natural living, natural food, naturalistic (materialism) beliefs and from the other side of their mouth liberation from their material bodies, freedom from the natural birth into male or female sexes; these identify as what is neither natural nor freeing. The culture, under the guise of delusion, is embracing what is manufactured and enslaving.

In Christ, there is a more excellent way. His way transcends natures limits and our manufactured lives. His way takes the imprisoned and makes them truly free. Christians aren’t perfect people, far from it, but we are forgiven people from checkered pasts. Even pasts where we’ve rejected our bodies or objectified other bodies in thought, word, or deed. We are hypocrites, sinners, but we are to be repenting hypocrites. Sinners who look to the sinless Savior, Jesus Christ.

The sign the boy holds in the picture is true, God does love transgender people. He loved them enough to die for them, but not so they or we can live how we wish but in the way that leads to life everlasting. By repentance and belief. By Grace through Faith.

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