No Other Way

god-zapping-worldWe like to think that Jesus could have chosen another way to save the world. “He is God after all,” so goes the sincere sigh. But this is not quite right.

Consider this.

Satan saw the very good creation and chose the way of destruction.
Satan saw Jesus fasting and chose to tempt him.
Satan saw the opportunity to betray him with a disciple and chose to do it.
Satan saw the cross and chose to use it.

The way of choice is often the way of destruction and death. The way of life is often without choice or perseverance through senseless harm.

Jesus saw the broken image of man and was sent by the Father to enter into this flesh.
Jesus saw the misery of man and became miserably sad and wept for us.
Jesus saw the sin stained world and redeemed it by the stain of his blood.
Jesus saw no other way and was crucified for it.

If God is as great as we purport, how could we say there was another way? How is it likely that a more gentle and humane way was possible for us to be saved. Why a cross, or death at the least? Why not zaps and rainbow glitter instead? Because there was no other way, except one.

The only other way God could have chose was to destroy the world and start again, but then again isn’t that the same thing as Jesus dying for us? Yeah, that’s what we call Christ’s death and resurrection–it’s a dying and rising again that we share in. Thanks be to God that we continue to be his Plan A, and no Plan B is needed!

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