Open Letter to Returning College Students 

When I look back at my college years one of the first questions I ask is, where did the time go? Time is a special thing. It was in time that our Triune Lord created the world, in time Christ became a man, was crucified, died, and rose again three days later to life for the salvation of the world. In time the Last Day will come, and then time will be no more. Time cannot be borrowed, bought, or belated. Time keeps on ticking away and only God knows when our final breath expires. So, time is a precious thing.

The Gospel calls us to not be anxious but rather let our requests be made know to God by prayer and supplications (Philippians 4:6), so we are given to use time wisely. Time is a special and precious thing. Time is God’s gift to us to grow in faith, to mature by the wisdom of His Word, and to be nourished in His Sacraments. Sometimes time slips away from us or we don’t use it to it’s full potential. The college years can be a special and precious time but if they go without God’s Word or His Sacraments, dear students you’re wasting your time! Don’t look back at your college years wondering where the time went. Be in God’s Word, be washed in his life-giving Water of Baptism, be fed Christ’s true Body and Blood! College can be that time where you look back and give thanks to God for these blessed gifts—and it doesn’t hurt to add that it won’t cost you a dime of tuition! The love and forgiveness of Jesus is free, how special and how precious! 

Christ’s free Gospel is what makes me so excited to be a campus pastor. To share the Lord’s Word and Sacraments is time well spent. I encourage all students to get connected, no rooted, into a church near your college campus. Participate in your church, go to your campus Bible study, and know that you’ve used your special and precious time well. 

I remember my time in campus ministry when I went to college, both at Concordia University Wisconsin and the local campus church I went to worship, Luther Memorial Chapel. It was there that I was encouraged to learn more about what it means to be a Lutheran under the study of God’s Word and in the nourishment of Christ’s Body and Blood. During my vicarage (pastoral internship) I spent one afternoon each week at a local community college, teaching about Jesus. All time well spent, learning and growing in Christ. So what are you waiting for? Get involved. Time’s ticking!

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