The Unborn Sliver

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Tomorrow (August 6th)– National Pro-Life Generation Sidewalk Day

$1,000 GOAL– September 10th, Help Fund My Walk!– Walk For Life —$1,000 GOAL

sculpture2_645_469_55A sliver is a nasty thing, it becomes a part of you even though you don’t want it to be. When you have one, you know it– maybe not by seeing it but definitely feeling it, and although small a sliver is very real. Your objective is always to get rid of it.

Are babies just slivers in the womb of women who don’t want to be mothers? These unborn children are the conceived offspring growing and living in the woman’s womb but sadly for some reason or another are not wanted. Perhaps they cannot see the child, but they feel “something,” or at the least know “something” is there. Regardless, this sliver of a “something” needs to go. Let’s help empower mothers to the knowledge of life and the true choice of life!

Is life like a sliver which one can simply pluck? No doubt, there must be some if not many women who choose abortion that have first considered their options. But were these same women told that life actually exists at conception or that the abortion of that “something” would terminate the life of an unborn child? What choices were they actually given? Or was it only the choice of abortion?

by the time my child is...We have an intellectual problem that exists among those who call themselves Pro-Choice or Pro-Abortion, it’s honesty. The Pro-Choice/Abortion movement is sustained through lies and worst of all half-truth (lies). Outward deception can be dealt with and most people clearly see through the nakedness of those lies, but half-truths these are the most prevalent and useful tool used against truth. Truths like life begins at conception, adopted by most embryologists and noted in embryology text books, is distorted. Pro-Choice/Abortion advocates will perhaps concede that life begins at conception. However, they proceed by noting that the unborn child cannot feel or have brain functions until several weeks into a pregnancy, therefore having an abortion would be justified as long as it were before they could feel. This half-truth is an example of giving the correct facts about conception and stimuli of the fetus but it neglects the thing itself, that is, the unborn child’s humanity.

There are those who have diseases that render them handicap or impair their feelings, even to the point where pain cannot be felt–are these same persons eligible to be aborted? Because they feel less or not at all? No, because they are human! If the unborn are human, which, you know, science says is true, why do we allow the false justification of abortion because of lack of feeling or brain waves?

Is life a nasty sliver? Can a person arrive at the conclusion saying they are against abortion (which ends human life) but for the right of other women to choose abortion (which ends human life)? Is toleration of abortion necessary since everyone has their different views for or against it, even though toleration of abortion only allows one to be tolerable towards it? Are Pro-Lifers violating the uterus’ of women by voicing their opposition toward it, even though this would mean that women opposed to abortion would be violating their own uterus?

The answer is no. Life is not an inanimate object like a sliver, to be plucked on choice. Nor is life like a sliver where you or I can choose to do with it as we wish in whatever way we wish to deal with it. We are obligated to preserve life where possible, protect it when we can, and provide life the opportunity to exist without hindrance.

Mothers in need, considering abortion, deserve the truth about their unborn child. The child is as precious as their mother, both deserving dignity and assistance when necessary. Assistance, not to pluck life but to support life–mom and baby!

Support Pro-Life Efforts:

Tomorrow (August 6th)– National Pro-Life Generation Sidewalk Day

$1,000 GOAL— September 10th, Help Fund My Walk!– Walk For Life —$1,000 GOAL

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