How Does Worship Change Your Life?

worshipHow does worship change your life? In a word, Jesus. At the center of worship debates and problems the prevailing question must be, “Is Christ at the center of this?”

Worship is that time set aside daily and weekly to enter into the transcendent and always present Triune God. Our time is limited, His is not. How we worship matters because it forms how we look at God, pray to Him, and ultimately trust his Word.

God’s Word is a miraculous voice that has pierced through the ages. It has never returned void, never been silenced though often rejected, and today it remains for our hearing! Perhaps this is what has been lost in our discussions about worship, the wonder of how God’s Word keeps going and going.

Other questions still remain: What makes up that weird and formal liturgy? Why do we keep it if it’s strange and hard for visitors to relate to?

The answer to these questions and others is simple. In worship we praise God with our best words and voice, which is exactly why using God’s Word is necessary. In the liturgy of the Divine Service our focus is on Christ and what we receive through him. This short series will give a survey of just that, the gifts of God in Christ Jesus.

In John chapter 3, we have our model and structure for the next four Wednesdays. So get your Lutheran Service Book ready at hand, and if you don’t have one that’s okay too because the Divine Service is all about God’s Word. If all you have is a Bible you are ready to see how God is expressed in every aspect of Lutheran worship and why (even if you aren’t a Lutheran) worship does change your life!

How Does Worship Change Your Life? [Four Part Series]
  1. Born Again in the Confession of Christ and His Forgiveness– John 3:1-8
  2. Lifted Up in the Eternal Life of God’s Word– John 3:9-15
  3. Filled with the Light of Christ’s Body and Blood– John 3:16-21
  4. Life without End– John 3:22-36

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