No Lives Matter

Do any lives matter? In the wake of His Life Mattersofficers murdered in Dallas, Texas to Ballwin just outside of St. Louis, Missouri where an officer at the time of this writing is fighting for his life (prayers for him and all the families), that question seems legitimate. Do any lives matter?

The immediate reaction to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is undoubtably polarizing. There are plenty of examples (note the date of the linked video) where the debate is at large about how helpful of a statement that is. The emphasis on black lives is strongly suggested because, as the assertion goes, there is an unjust tendency by law enforcement to intentionally target the race. Thus, the movement brings an awareness to the injustice. I believe this is irrational, a fear mongering tactic by those who have little supportive evidence. I do not wish to be insensitive about those who die, even the Lord takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked. And we are all the wicked in the eyes of God, for none are without sin.

Say to them, “As I live, declares the Lord GOD, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way and live; turn back, turn back from your evil ways, for why will you die, O house of Israel?” -Ezekiel 33:11

What do we say then? How do we reconcile the unjustified murder of police officers and when police officers unjustly murder? Unjust is the key word here. Yes there are instances that warrant suspicion, and more than this prosecution is always necessary when the circumstances provide evidence that a person was killed unjustly. Every death that occurs from evil action is a tragedy. That is, every death outside of a justified lethal action is too many. That’s a no brainer. Furthermore, death that is accidental, avoidable, or even necessary to ensure safety is a sad reality. But a reality we must face with dutifulness to fact. Tell me, how can we compare or pit one family’s sorrow against another? You cannot. No matter whose life is lost, by bravery or bullheadedness, it is a painful loss, because truly all lives matter.

Do not misunderstand me, I believe in a free America. I believe in the American right of peaceable assembly, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances (cf. 1st Amendment). Even as one might disagree with BLM, they do deserve their 1st Amendment right. That right however does not justify individuals from within the movement to murder innocent people, or for that matter, justify private redress or revenge. Please understand, I also think it’s foolish to assert that the BLM movement mobilizes assassins. They have publicly condemned the attack in Dallas. I do wonder however if they might incite people who then carryout evil deeds. Another (but very rare) example of this might be a pro-life person, to no fault of the movement, so rattled about the murder of innocents that they then murder an abortion doctor. Yes, that abortion doctor has murdered countless children, but that does not justify the pro-life person to take the law into their own hands and enact justice. Rest assured, that if no justice is had in this life, it will certainly come in eternal life -where God will judge unto salvation or condemnation. Let us pray for repentance; repentance for all, for all lives, for all people.

If we value some lives more than others, or other lives matter more than others, then ultimately no lives matter. No lives matter if we are the judge, jury, and executioner -problem is that humanity always acts selfishly. If it were not so, then wouldn’t we have every life cherished and respected by all. We know this is not the case.

The genocide of blacks is not happening in large part by the hands of police officers (orchestrated or otherwise) or other violent crimes such as whites killing blacks, or blacks killing blacks. These are certainly all, again, tragic. The genocide of blacks is happening through abortion, I wish the BLM movement would recognize this tragedy and address it head on with loud voices and no violence. That we might rally together, peaceably, and change the culture of death through abortion. I assert this last remark, that if we valued the black children in the wombs of their mothers we would be a more united people who cherished life. And if we cherished life from womb to natural death the racial divides would be remarkably peripheral.

God have mercy on all who are unjustly murdered, and may justice be prudent, swift and fair regardless of race or occupation.


One thought on “No Lives Matter

  1. No matter what we write we will never turn the minds of those white or black that are entrenched in hate. We can only hope the seeds of our writing will bear fruit in the future.

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