Why Rubrica Will Fail

FailPerhaps it’s presumptuous to admit defeat out of the gate. Maybe lower the standard and hope for the best? And then again, maybe, Rubrica isn’t doomed to failure. But it is, it will fail, here’s why.

Rubrica will fail to meet the standard that has become today’s expectation of Christians: silence. Silence is the greatest ally of those who want one of two things. Camp one wants silence because it’s safe. Camp two wants silence because anything else might challenge them. Both are wimps.

This leads me to another reason Rubrica will fail. It will fail those whose sensitivities range from the proverbial see, hear, speak no evil (i.e. truth) monkey to the equally distorted sentiment of  what offends is tantamount to hate speech.

Rubrica will fail because lies so often succeed, at least in the short-term. For the unrepentant death leads to condemnation, and ultimately a forced knee at the Return of Christ. Hardly a win. And, while this might sound like hate filled propaganda it is a most regrettable truth. The veneer of certain cultural constructs only conceal the lies, the sins, of people with an image of glorification. After all, the best defense of a lie is to live as though it were true.

Rubrica’s failure is certain. Sin will always be the trumpet sound of wimpy warriors, cultural totalitarians, defamers of truth. There is no way the Christian voice wins out, it will fail and so too Rubrica. That is, if we are to measure success by the standard of human nature. Christ be triumphant! Verbum Domini Manet in Aeternum!

Enjoy the “rubrications” to come.

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